English Conversation Club!
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If you don't know what the English Conversation Club is... please let me briefly explain :-)

As the name suggests, it is a time where you can join with native English speakers to practice English conversation. Each week we meet with a particular topic for discussion. Our activities are held in Canberra, usually at ANU and UC, and sometimes at the WPCB church property in Cook. They are informal classes, where we try to help you improve your English speaking and listening, mainly through practice. All of our native English speakers are Christian volunteers. They are either students at the uni, or people from local churches.

For more up-to-date information, please check the WPCB page: http://wpc-belconnen.org.au/ecc/.

On the right side of this page, you can link to some of the topics we use for our English conversation practice.

Convo Club

Below are links to copies of the topic questions we have used conversation practice...