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If you don't know what the English Bible Club is... please let me briefly explain :-)

In addition to our English Conversation Club on Mondays, we also offer an English Bible Club. Many overseas people we meet are also interested to know something about Christianity. The Bible club is an opportunity to learn about Christianity and practice English at the same time. By reading through parts of the Bible together each week, we practice English reading, comprehension and vocabulary, and also discuss the meaning of the Bible. So if you are interested, feel welcome to join us (you can come whether you are a Christian or not!)

For more up-to-date information, please check the WPCB page: http://wpc-belconnen.org.au/ebc/.

Usually we read through one of the Gospels, from the New Testament. They tell us about who Jesus is and what he did, and shows us that he is God's special king, the Christ.

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Below are links to copies of the study questions we have used while reading through the Bible...

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